Glorious Weather | Week 2

Week 2 consisted of a lovely mix of relaxation and exercise.

On Monday I had to go to the supermarket for some groceries. Normally, I would put it off as a chore and eventually grab a bag and rush down, trying to take as little time out of my well-planned day. This time though, I took my kindle and a small detour to the local park on the way. It was nice and sunny, and I sat in the park reading for 20 minutes, then went to the supermarket for my list of groceries. It might seem so simple but it’s something I would never usually do until I started this challenge! After reading in the park, I felt relaxed and noticed I didn’t feel in so much of a rush, even when I got to the supermarket. The positive effects on my mood and wellbeing by far outdid the small detour in my day, and of course, I still managed to get everything done but this time with a clearer mind and an uplifted mood.

Even although I have a lot of free time at the moment, I wanted to start building more happiness and mindful habits of getting outside by combining them with the things I need to do. Like I said last week, I like to be busy and feel productive but often it’s at the detriment of my own self-care. Taking time to look after myself by going outside is a habit I’m going to have to work hard on. I’ve been listening to Atomic Habits audiobook by James Clear, and one way he teaches to make more positive habits is to attach what you want to do to things you already need to do. For example, if you want to start meditating every morning, set the intention that while the kettle is boiling for the coffee you need in the morning, you will meditate for 2 minutes. I took this idea and applied it to my want to go outside and sit in the park reading to my need for going to the supermarket for groceries.

It really works. I did the same on Wednesday and Friday!

This week I also tested out my running legs with a couple of easy 5kms and did some yoga in the back garden. I’m going to be making the most of these ones before it’s cold and dark in winter!

Weekend adventure

Ok, so, first of all, I’m going to have to work on waking up early.

Had big ideas for a sunrise walk in the Glasshouse mountains. Woke up to rain at 8am (sunrise is at 7…). After a bit of non-committal faff from this fair-weather rambler, I was convinced by my better half to suck it up, grab my waterproof and get moving.

Deciding to leave the Glasshouse mountains for a better day, we headed on a micro-adventure to D’Aguilar National Park, through lush rainforest and a lot of mist to reach Mount Glorious. We took a trail through a forest of the tallest trees I have ever seen, sheltered from the rain.

The ‘view’

I think the thought of walks in the rain is worse than actually doing it – sure the first 5 minutes were a bit miserable, the view at the top was non-existent, and the last 10 minutes my feet were soaked through and my raincoat was starting to give in, but I did it all with a smile on my face!

Still smiling!

And 110% earned my almond milk latte at the mountain café. Hot drinks definitely taste better served in a cosy armchair after you’ve braved the elements.

What did I learn this week? Well, Saturday morning wasn’t great for me. I woke up really anxious, and after checking my emails and seeing some not so great news, got even more stressed and stuck in my own head. It was also raining, hard. When I had convinced myself from my warm cosy bed that a walk in the pouring rain was unthinkable, it was the encouragement of others that got me out. If it hadn’t been for Callum’s persistence and support of my Get Outdoors challenge, I probably would have failed on week 2!! We all need supporters in our corner to help encourage us when we struggle to see the wood through the trees (or in this case, the calm through the rain). I’m very, very grateful for the support network I have.

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