Low Key Gratitude | Week 5

Lil’ life update in the weeks’ post – I’m going to be a Biology Teacher!

That’s right, this forever student is hitting the books (and the classroom) in 2 weeks to start my PGDE Secondary Biology with Science course at Strathclyde University. It’s something I have always considered doing but wasn’t sure when – and now feels like it’s the right time to begin this new chapter.  I can’t wait to take my passion for science and technology to schools and (hopefully) inspire pupils like I was by my Biology teacher. So, stay tuned for the highs and lows, tears of joy and inevitably woes. If you are looking for me in the next few weeks I will most likely be found in Paperchase swooning over all the stationary trying to justify notebooks, folders and glittery pens in every colour. 

Life on the adventure front has been a bit more low key in between getting organised for teacher training, but we still managed to get out in the hills at the weekend. Benvane is a small Corbett (617m) near Balquidder with amazing 360 views of Loch Lubnaig, The Trossachs and mountains to the north (https://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/corbetts/benvane).

It was a perfect day – the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky, and we spent time catching up with some really great friends.

If sunburn was an indicator of success, the day was 10/10. The evening BBQ was spent comparing shades and patterns of red from the day on our sun-exposed skin!

On Sunday I caught up with my favourite uni running girls for brunch at The Glad Café (1000% recommend) and a walk around Queens Park. I really think it’s a special kind of friendship that forms between people who run miles together, in step, with no distractions other than conversation. These girls are friends for life ❤

All in all, a bloody lovely weekend that has made me exceptionally grateful for having wonderful people in my life and the great outdoors in Scotland to share with them.

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