Low Key Gratitude | Week 5

Lil' life update in the weeks' post – I’m going to be a Biology Teacher! That’s right, this forever student is hitting the books (and the classroom) in 2 weeks to start my PGDE Secondary Biology with Science course at Strathclyde University. It’s something I have always considered doing but wasn’t sure when – and … Continue reading Low Key Gratitude | Week 5


In the last 2 weeks, my whole life has flipped upside down, literally as we took the 24-hour-long journey from Australia back home to Scotland. And what better welcome home and kick up the bum to jetlag than a weekend adventuring up Munros in the western isles! We’d barely unpacked our suitcases or had a … Continue reading #1ONASADVENTURES | Week 4

Surf Like The Scots | Week 3

I have to admit, the first few weeks of this challenge I have been spoiled by Brisbane’s sunny climate. Even although its technically Winter, most days there’s not a cloud in the sky and it’s been a comfortable average temperature of 21 degrees (last weeks torrential rain during our walk being an extreme outlier). That’s … Continue reading Surf Like The Scots | Week 3

A Reel-y Good Start | Week 1

Week 1 complete and I am already feeling the benefits of being mindful during my day to take a moment and get outside. I planned to officially start my challenge on 1st July (sort of a mid-year resolution), so last week I gave it a trial run. After all, there’s no time like the present … Continue reading A Reel-y Good Start | Week 1