Glorious Weather | Week 2

Week 2 consisted of a lovely mix of relaxation and exercise. On Monday I had to go to the supermarket for some groceries. Normally, I would put it off as a chore and eventually grab a bag and rush down, trying to take as little time out of my well-planned day. This time though, I … Continue reading Glorious Weather | Week 2

A Reel-y Good Start | Week 1

Week 1 complete and I am already feeling the benefits of being mindful during my day to take a moment and get outside. I planned to officially start my challenge on 1st July (sort of a mid-year resolution), so last week I gave it a trial run. After all, thereโ€™s no time like the present … Continue reading A Reel-y Good Start | Week 1

Get Outdoors | WHY

I'm Sara, I'm from a small town in central Scotland and this is my blog about finding happiness by exploring the great outdoors. why? Well, Iโ€™ve been in a bit of a pit. I spent the last few years working relentlessly towards a career that led me to burn out and my wellbeing really suffered. … Continue reading Get Outdoors | WHY